Banners overlapping message preview

When writing a post I was wondering why the heck I could not preview it. Until I found out that the two banners on the right side of the input form hide the preview: a yellow one “Welcome to OpenStreetMap Community” and a blue one " Your topic is similar to…". These banners re-appear with every new post and are quite annoying to me.

The yellow one does not have to appear every time anew in my opinion. The blue one might be useful but should be placed differently to not hide the preview. Is that possible?


Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you describe?

This is how it looks like:

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And another banner I came across now, appearing when you want to answer an already solved question:

This is a built-in discourse feature for new users and to avoid people opening similar topics, it’s not something you will get that often unless you are opening a topic very similar to others.

Hm. Okay. I find it strange that it covers the preview pane completely. Until I started actively searching for a preview I did not care about the banners and hence did not close them.

And so far I got them every time. But I would say that the preview is especially important for new users who are not familiar with the syntax yet.

Can the banners not be changed in size so that there is some kind of indication the preview pane is underneath?

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Not sure, it seems you will only see this a couple of times as a new user:

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This strikes me as a usability issue that is going to trip up non-technical users who are not familiar with markdown editors. And the first few posts is exactly when the UI’s learnability is most important.

Changing the appearance of the panel to avoid completely covering up the preview would be ideal. But I suspect that won’t be possible without changes to Discourse, so instead I suggest that we disable this poorly implemented feature by setting educate until posts to 0.

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@Firefishy is there any alternatives to avoid disabling this for everyone? I still think it’s an important part of the new user onboarding and they will only see this twice, then they will get the preview with no panel on top.

I think showing the user a preview of their post is an important part of new user onboarding.

That’s not something that should be delayed until their third post – a post which they may never write if they come to the conclusion that this forum is only for technical people who understand all these weird characters.

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This is mainly true when you directly write markdown and enriched text, which I doubt is something you do from start.

Onboarding is important for the community health, and of course veteran users are not the right target to get feedback about it (and we mainly have veterans here for the moment, right ?).

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New users on Help regularly post code snippets (e.g. overpass queries or code from their applications to call e.g. public Nominatim) or try to embed pictures to illustrate their issues. A preview is important for that, not least to show the user that pasting plain text is bad and they should try to find the proper formatting button at the top.


It seems the upcoming Discourse version (2.9) will allow to hide these messages.

  • Improve new user onboarding with dynamic “have you seen…” popups, all skippable via the existing skip new user onboarding tips and badges user pref