Bangkok street classifications

I’ve been looking at our coverage of Bangkok’s road network and how we’re still lacking definitions of which streets constitute each highway=* class.

In an attempt to more objectively approach the issue, I looked at the BMA’s traffic report, particularly the tables on page 39–48 listing the amount of traffic on 48 important roads. I’ve applied highway=primary for roads which carry more than 25,000 vehicles per day, plus a few others where necessary to avoid dangling ends. The result isn’t perfect, but I think is an improvement. If others are okay with this, the next thing to figure out would be how to define secondary and tertiary highways in Bangkok.

You might notice that the Bhumibol, Krung Thep and Memorial Bridges haven’t been tagged as primary, although all bridges over the Chao Phraya do carry a traffic of over 25,000/day. This is partly because I couldn’t figure out what primary roads they should link to (esp. for Memorial Bridge), so I left these three (which carry the least traffic) as secondary. I’d already upgraded Chakphet-Mahachai and Wisutkasat-Chakkraphatdiphong-Worachak-Chakkrawat Roads to primary, although they aren’t on the list, in order to provide connections for Phra Pok Klao Bridge.