Bangkok Mapping Party.


Sorry for such a short notice, but I and @ivan is going to have a small OSM Mapping for Bangkok on this Sunday 1st April 2012 at my office, Opendream.

Here’s how to get there (such a pity, it’s on Google Maps).

We’ll focus on mapping MRT/BTS’s gates and entrances and probably enhance Ladprao/Suttisarn area.



For the sake of OSM, my place is here.,13.789435,100.589453,13.792546&layer=mapnik&marker=13.79114,100.58808

I’m not around this area but would love to join to meet & greet with OSM mappers.
The time is 10 AM, am I right?

Tanawat :slight_smile:

Hi. Not sure if you noticed that the scheduled downtime for the licence upgrade will be at 15:00 Sunday in Thailand? Pointing it out just in case.

No problem Paul, we’ll commit before 15:00 and if we keep working after we will save it in a JOSM file.

@terawat, you are welcome to come.


Thanks Ivan to invite me :slight_smile:

I’m interest to join there and it’s my good opportunity to learn more about OSM.

Actually, I am studying a bachelor degree and use OSM in my thesis.

So, glad to meet with you all and maybe I can help you with mapping.


I’m currently in Chiang Mai. So unable to join.

Let me promote my map rendering a bit. It’s bilingual and also supports markers

Explanation of how to use it:



I’m going back to CM around next week. Will you still be around?


The mapping party was a great success of working and meeting each other experience. We started from 10am until 3pm(time when the database became offline due to server maintenance scheduled). We even had remote help from Peru via Skype :slight_smile:

We did map all the MRT ‘subway entrances’ and numbering them as well as indicanting their wheelchair access and created relationships within their station node →

Same goes for 50% of the BTS line.

BTR line
Airport Link
Bangkok river piers numbering

Thanks for all the contributors and see you next time :slight_smile:

Great job. Sorry that I missed it.


you can join us on the next one tanawat.