Bangi - UKM roads update

Salam and Hi to all mappers!

I really appreciate if someone could help me to update the big roads around Bangi.

Bangi is now a develop town and yes the roads are also change. As we know, not most satellite pictures gave us the accurate condition of the roads now. So use all OSM features and tools to get these roads around Bangi correct as in real life.


I’ve been around UKM in 2016 and realised that major roads underwent significant upgrades. Lack of updated satellite imagery and worst, I don’t record GPS tracks around those places… so I can’t really contribute any updates at that time. :frowning:

If you are familiar with that area then you are the most suitable person to contribute since we (others) can’t do anything without most updated (recent) satellite imagery and GPS tracks.

Install OsmAnd or any app that can record gps track and upload it to OSM then you can start adding / editing roads. :slight_smile: