"Baikonur" circle

Now, if you check the Kazakhstan map at lower zoom level using various styles like the cycle/transportation style on the openstreetmap.org site, you can see a circle being rendered in admin_level=2 style and is being named as “Baikonur”. While the position is indeed Baikonur, I can’t find anything there that would make it become admin_level=2 nor anything that resemblance such a circle in shape, even if I check the undeletion history. Anyone know what’s happening there?

You’ll have to link to the area and also link to a current screenshot - at first glance I don’t see anything there.

Edit: Ah - for the cycle layer you’ll need to ask the author of that style. Follow the links from “Tiles courtesy of” to get to contact/feedback info.

Baikonur is the former USSR space launch station, where they still launch astronauts and cosmonauts to ISS, I guess it may officially belong to the Russian Federation through some treaty with Kazakhstan… Something like that is also written on the Wiki page of Baikonur:



I see the area for space station there but it’s not a circle

If you choose “Map Data” on the main site (those blue lines and points popping up), you’ll notice this object is already removed, because it does not show up there. Neither does it show up in JOSM when downloading the area. So I guess some moderator already took action and reverted this change.

It will just take time for the rendered tiles in the different styles to update and no longer show the object.

It’s there for a while already and I have checked deleted way there using Potlatch but couldn’t find any circular features there either. If it is removed by moderators then it wouldn’t be undeletable?

Nothing gets lost, because nothing is really deleted in OSM. OSM stores the full history of edits in the main database. Even a revert can be reverted because it is just another edit.

Anyway, I don’t know what you are getting at with “it wouldn’t be undeletable?”. As I said, it just takes time, sometimes weeks if a specific style does not have live minutely updates but just re-imports every now and then. So you just need to be patient to see it disappear.

I mean, if it is a deleted vandalization, them shouldn’t I be avle to undelete it via Polatch 1? But I can’t