Bad tagging by new user in Ramat Gan

This new user is misusing the name tag. (and there could be other errors too) It’d be good if someone reviews their changes thoroughly. I sent them a private message as well.

For the record. this is the PM:

You may use the discussion window of the relevant changeset in order to ensure the user receives your comment by email, and have the discussion in public.

There are several changesets. I did comment on one of them. No reply as of now. I fixed the obvious name tag issues and some intersecting pathways. But I am not familiar with the area to do anything beyond that. If anyone does, please take the time to review the user’s changes.

Someone deleted a “fictional park” made by the new user.

Well… there are form of escalating if a user vandalizes the map, but I don’t think we’re there yet.
I suggest you examine his next changes and see if they improve. Don’t forget that it takes time to understand this system, some people learn it faster and some slower…
In any case, good to have you with us SwiftFast, Judging from your questions I can hear you share the mapping fever we do :slight_smile:
Happy Mapping!
Harel M.

Indeed I do :slight_smile:
I’ve been lurking for some time, and now I want to edit a bit more seriously.