Bad OSM performance in my NÜvi 3490lmt

The OSM maps are great! They appear fine in my Garmin Nüvi 3490LMT, but…

  1. Routing is very erratic. Calculating the route is ok, but actually following it is bad:
    a. Most of the time the map screen is only partly filled with map data - the rest is grey, and sometimes it’s even totally grey with only some road names on it, no more.
    b. The arrow depicting the actual position is sometimes lagging behind for several hundreds of meters, then there is a quick correction, after which sometimes the position arrow moves back to a wrong position.

I think the OSM map makes my Nüvi very slow.

  1. Searching addresses does not work, though I read in forums that it should work.

I thought maybe I use bad parameters to run mkgmap, but the same happens if I use downloadable imgs made by others.

Are there others seeing the same phenomena, and what can be the cause and remedy for this?

You should make a lighter map for nuvi, remove unnecessary objects and remove small roads form upper layers.

Routing could be a bit tuned for your country, but I think default style for mkgmap is quite good.

Address search is a working feature of maps created by mkgmap but not without some peculiarities. It is difficult to help since you haven’t described what is wrong with it.

My country is the Netherlands, for which OSM contains masses of data. They contain a lot of topography (including all houses). Nice to see on the Nüvi if I am navigating through it (though the traffic does get my attention all the time :slight_smile: ). But the mass of data has its price as you say.

About adresses: the Nüvi says “no map data available” if I search for an address. Did I use a wrong mkgmap setting then?


“No map data available” suggest, that your map has no search index or you are outside map cover.

When creating map with mkgmap, you should use following options: --index, --housenumbers, --route. “–housenumbers” is the option responsible for addresses.

On your nuvi you better use gmapsupp.img created by mkgmap with above options or img assembled by Mapinstall from full map created by mkgmap. Any other processing can remove or damage search index.

Reading the last post, I see now that I did not use the options mentioned. I’ve been out of OSM stuff for more than two years, and I’m still using the style files made in 2012…

You could have many problems with old style. Better look at current default style and add your changes there.