Bad directions - how do I force them to update?

How do I get openstreetmap, and anyone that uses it’s data, to update directions.
I already put the missing roads in, and connected them to the main roads. But so far the directions haven’t changed.

It has people stopping in the middle of a one way street with no way to exit.

OSRM & the other inbuilt routers usually take ~a week to update, but we have no control over when other routers that use OSM (OSMAnd etc) update their maps, & then when individual people update the maps in their phones, or whatever they use to navigate.


It seems that the routing is now working as expected?

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It takes time for the changes to work thru,

Valhalla the quickest with few days,
GraphHopper like a week or more,
OSRM, seems to be the slowest even random.

Each time mapping a new ‘complex’ roundabout I run a series of routing tests on these 3 build in the OSM map to check on turn restrictions, directions, destinations for car and bike. Valhalla gives positively weird results sometimes a long detour to get to the target.


GrahHopper & OSRM

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