Background not aligned with the map in MapSource


When a map generated with mkgmap is displayed in MapSource the background is not aligned with the map.
The background’s boundary rectangle is smaller than the map’s boundary rectangle.
It need to be larger on the right side and at the bottom.
It is correct at the left and top side.

Also when a selection of that map is done the rectangle is neither aligned with the background or
the map, it somewhat something between.

It is correct on the GPS unit!
I use mkgmap-r1785

Any Ide?


Seems to have something to do with polygons.
When something i the style matched a polygon item the background appeared at that resolution.
Made the hole map transparent and the problem was gone.

You have to run the splitter before mkgmap, else the alignement my fall onto coordinates that cannot be encoded in the garmin system, hence the misalignment. If you parse the input with mkgmap splitter, then alignement will be correct.