Back-end glitch with GPS Traces?

Hi. This is a bug report, for a glitch that appears to be in the back-end handling of uploaded GPS traces.

It affects this area:

When you enable “Public GPS Traces”, you see many unexpected lines joining trace points that really shouldn’t be connected. I suspect there’s a timestamp problem with some of the traces, and unrelated points from different traces are assumed to be related, and thus are drawn connected.

The same effect happens in JOSM when I try to edit the area. Download map data, download traces. I had to find the setting for “points only” to make the traces usable; otherwise the artefacts badly obscured the actual traces.

I know there’s probably a more appropriate place in the maze of OSM communication channels to report this, but for now, here it is.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I posted a follow up here:

Conclusion seems to be that it’s not an issue with the backend, but rather someone who uploaded a trace with unordered points.

The respective JOSM ticket to avoid seeing all those lines would be:

Thanks for the links, and for forwarding this to the right place.