Bachelorthesis about OpenStreetMap

Dear Ladies and Gentlements,

for my Bachelorthesis I got the subject “Including Data into OpenStreetMap and extracting the Data into an QGIS-Project”. For my Data I choose to collect all parking ticket machines in Hanau, Germany. Now it’s time to edit my gpx-file into OpenStreetMap but I’m not really sure how to do it the most convient and exact way possible.
Later I have to work with “Overpass turbo” to extract the data to load it into my QGIS-Project.
I’m really not sure if I’m on the right path here since I’m new to OpenStreetMap. I could really need some help with the edits and later on with “Overpass turbo”.

Thank you so much in advance.

Best Regards
Leon Bellina

Double post. See iscussion at:
As already mentioned, maybe switch to the german forum for more readers and detailled questions: