Azimut of the line between 2 GPX waypoints

I’m new to osmand, but i like it a lot!
there is one question:

I want to meassure the azimut (angle) on the map.
Let’s choose to waypoints with the meassurment tool, so i know the distance, but how to get the angle?
Maybe i have to save it as gpx waypoints an use an other tool?

thanks for your help!

all the best,

Salut !
Je vois pas de réponse à ta question très pertinente ! Dommage, je cherche moi aussi comment faire !

Hi and welcome to OSM. Maybe you should ask your questions in the official forum for OsmAnd to get a quick reply:!forum/osmand
This forum is for the OpenStreetMap project itself ( OsmAnd is just one of many applications using OSM.