Avoiding changes the boundaries of Nature Reserves and National Parks


I have added several Nature Reserves and National Parks according to the land plans (תב"ע) published by the Ministry of Interior. In such cases, the land plan ID was captured in the “ref” tag. Note that the update process has not been completed yet.

Nature reserves’ boundaries are a sensitive issue for hikers, as visitors are required to comply with certain restrictions, and the boundaries are not always clearly marked “on the ground”. We therefore want to keep the boundaries according to the approved land plans and Nature Reserve proclamations (הכרזות).

Sometimes, editors are changing the geometry of the boundary of the protected area by mistake, but changes can also be a result of an update to the land plans.

I’d like to ask all fellow editors that edits to Nature Reserve boundaries that are based on updated land plans will be captures in the “ref” and “note” tags. For example, the tagging of the Tel Yizhak Nature Reserve.


Are the land plans accurate? I think we have received government maps before that are not particularly accurate.

As far as I understand, the Israel Land Authority (רשות מקרקעי ישראל) is the primary authority about land plans in Israel.

I’ve also seen differences compared to the mapping of the nature reserves at govmap.gov.il, which is provided by the parks authority.