Autonomous Drone For Environmental Inspection

I’m currently doing a community project and the purpose of this project is to monitor and prevent river pollution in Malaysia. I will use an autonomous drone to observe the river’s condition.

I’m having some problems regarding the Open Street Map:

  1. Is it possible to get the path of the river by putting two markers? A starting point marker (starting of the river) connects with the ending point marker (ending of the river). It’s like path planning for the autonomous drone, but on the river path.

  2. Can I get all the latitude and longitude of the river path between the two markers?

Thanks in advance!

Try Osmand, it is a navigation app available for android and iOS devices.

You have different routing profiles there (car, bike, foot by default) where you can also activate a boat profile.

Then choose a start and end point for a route each on a river, and the app can calculate a route on that river.

Then try to export that calculated route as GPX file or similar.


Other option might be: