Autonomous Drone For Environmental Inspection

I’m currently doing a community project and the purpose of this project is to monitor and prevent river pollution in Malaysia. I will use an autonomous drone to observe the river’s condition.

I’m having some problems regarding the Open Street Map:

  1. Is it possible to get the path of the river by putting two markers? A starting point marker (starting of the river) connects with the ending point marker (ending of the river). It’s like path planning for the autonomous drone, but on the river path.

  2. Can I get all the latitude and longitude of the river path between the two markers?

Thanks in advance!

i think the path can only be auto generate with routing for pedestrian, biking, motorbike and car and its on roads.

one solution i can suggest is, you can manually draw/trace the drone path on the river and export it.
you can do it on, it allows you to trace the path, save it and export the path lat/lon in kml or gpx format

Rivers are mapped as lines (“ways”). Long rivers may be split up into several “ways”, because there’s a limit of 2000 “nodes” (points) per way. Every point comes with longitude and latitude data.
So, it means that after downloading data, you have to filter them for your river of interest, and then transform the data into the format of your requirements.