Automatic update of bus stops

Hello everyone,

We are trying to make OSM more accessible for blind persons.

The problem is that the bus and tram stop doesn’t have specified indexes in our area.
The bus stop with a name “AWF” is on both sites of the street.
There should be “AWF 1” and “AWF 2”. Thanks to this blind person who is using a navigation app like “DotWalker” or “Seeing Assistant Move” can recognize the correct stop.

Because of that, we want to change the names of bus and tram stops in a few cities (agglomeration).

We have already received a position, names, and indexes of 6700 stops from a local provider. We want to replace the existing stops with a new one. The data is stored in CSV format.

My question is:

Is it possible to make such an update automatically or by using a script?
What skills do we need to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance!

Since you will not visit all bus stops in person, and copy them from another database, it is considered an import.
Imports have to follow those guidelines.

So before thinking about the technical aspects, you have to make sure the data comes with a proper license.
You have to make sure the local provider owns the copyright and did not retrieve the data from another party.

JOSM has an OpenData plugin that can read csv-files

I think this will be a tricky thing to keep in OSM. Other people will look at the name and think “what’s this 1 doing in the name?” and remove it. I would suggest using a different tag for it.
Should the 1 and 2 be handled like platform numbers? You might want to use the ref tag for that.
Does it need to be the stop name with a 1 or 2? Because there is a tagging scheme to identify each stop: IFOPT. It may not be in use in all countries though.