automatic logon

is visiting the forum meant to automatically logon or is there a problem with my FF 3 browser … cookies perhaps?

FF3 saves cookies and sessions so you might still be logged in between browser shutdowns… But I don’t think that is supposed to happen… (My 3 day old session is still logged in, on FF3)

I clear the cookies for and restart browser … same issue.
ie I have to logon again after I exit browser.

I usually have to logon again when I have closed my browser (FF2 & FF3). I have no idea yet why you remain logged on. Do you consider it a problem? I.e. do you want me to investigate further?

If have a similar strange behaviour. I can stay loged-in from my computer@home without any problem.
Same browser, same account from my office: logout after approx. 1 houre. Differences: IP-Address, OS (W2K vs. Vista), perhaps firewall in officenetwork. Cookies are enabled in both browsers.

I guess its not necessarily a problem if its meant to “remember” you like most other Forums (eg PhpBB)
ie is it meant to remember you when you return or are you meant to logon every visit?

Afaik you should login again when the session is expired, which will be when you close your browser and possibly for other reasons.

No, it doesn’t matter if I close and reopen my browser, I’m still logedin (@home). At the office I can’t say at the moment (vacation :slight_smile: ). But I’m sure: Login at office-PC, do nothing for while (e.g. working) and then come back to OSM-Forum after an houre or so, I have to login again. :frowning:

perhaps if their is something in the boards config to allow … persistant logons presumably via cookies

just a point when I look at my cookie it is for not is this domain setup correctly?

$cookie_domain = ‘’;
$cookie_path = ‘/’;

define(‘PUNPATH’, ‘…/’); // path to punbb folder
define(‘PUNPREFIX’, ‘pun_’); // punBB table prefix, -----> Yo can use another prefix or use blank if none.

sorry just googled this not sure which is config for this board

Yes, that configuration is deliberate. The forum is a forwarded domain to an external host. It needed some experimenting to get ppl to be able to logon at all. But I admin not knowing how cookies are supposed to work, the current configuration is based upon some tips from PunBB support forums.

  1. Download live http headers FF plugin
  2. log in @ forum
  3. close browser
  4. open live http headers and click trace
  5. goto forum
  6. post live http header trace

I turned on prompt for cookies in FF3 and I notice that there is no expire date on cookies
ie they expire at the end of current session ie browser window
Is there a default expire date for the logon cookie in PunBB?
could you try setting to 1 day or a week etc…

I just downloaded the source code and from the Logon.php code its meant to get the save_pass field and if set it sets the expire_date for the cookie at 1 year otherwise set to expire after session

SELECT id, group_id, password, save_pass FROM '.$db->prefix.'users

$expire = ($save_pass == ‘1’) ? time() + 31536000 : 0;
pun_setcookie($user_id, $form_password_hash, $expire);

I tracked the problem down to my privacy defaults not to Save password yeah it works :D:D:D

The default for Privacy must be not to save password

so how do I duplicate your problem?

you goto your profile and goto Privacy setting and untick the save passwd then submit and close FF

So now I can safely conclude that this is a user problem and not a forum problem? :wink:

I would agree, but for people who use multiple computers they need to turn it off and on for that computer to get the BB to re-save the Cookie, it didnt appear to work for my other computer till I set it off/on to force it to re-save new cookies expiry date (default = 1year)…
So all working for me… user error … :wink: