Automated edits for branches

Israel has a script which uses the templates in this page, and applies them to branches/brands, ensuring they are consistent. Feel free to improve that page. If you don’t have a Wiki account, you can PM me your improvements or post them here.

Script pages:

The script is part of SafwatHalaby_bot. (Click for contact details, opt-out, other scripts, bot overview, etc.).

The first limited automated edit has been performed, only Bank Hapoalim and Leumi were changed.

  • The change appears to be a success.

  • Not all operator tags were removed, this is a minor bug in the script. Will fix and re-run. (If operator matches alt_find and not “name” or “brand”, it isn’t removed, also, operator:lang and brand:lang weren’t considered)

  • Accidentally used my main account. SwiftFast_bot will be used for future edits.

180 banks were modified. 0 warnings.

Help me add branches to the script:

Would anyone mind having the brand in English?

I can help with Russian names, if needed

Thanks! Feel free to edit the templates page, or write the translations here or in a PM.

Note: In my opinion, one should avoid translations that aren’t helpful to users. For instance, “Paz” doesn’t seem to have a commonly used Arabic name, so I’d rather not put some translation or transliteration that no one really uses. I think people will understand the Hebrew or English “פז” better. So I would translate wherever the name is actually used and is useful.

I think you loose private fuel station names there exists (many of them not accurate, but still), don’t know if that is a big deal, but some info is lost on rename…

For fuel - agree, the stations have signs in English and Hebrew usually, so Cyrillic name would not be helpful.
Banks, clinics are another matter - they have ads and other printed material in Russian so the Cyrillic name is recognisable.
Pharm networks are questionable, don’t know if they should be translated.

I did manually look at many (but not all) of the changed names before uploading. In the stations I looked at, there wasn’t useful info in the name, only an appended place, e.g. “Paz Ramat Gan”. I may have missed useful info though. Do you have any particular examples?

Note that if the fuel station is private and without a brand (e.g. this), the algorithm didn’t change it.

For the record: Fuel stations and banks have been modified. Next step is supermarkets and clinics.

I agree. Feel free to add Russian names to the templates wherever you feel they’re useful.

I believe I can update the algorithm, such that it preserves the good names. I will update the “Algorithm description” section and describe the procedure there (and rewrite the section in a clearer form).

@Sanniu sent me Russian names for banks. The change was applied in changeset 48695896 and the templates were updated accordingly.

New algorithm (work in progress):

There’s a typo in the templates:
“Bank Hapoalim - Businuss Branch”

Should be “Business”

Thanks! Templates updated and fixed in

Hi, folks!
I don’t know exactly about brand name changing, :slight_smile:
but now all former “Dor-Alon” gas stations have instead of blue-red Dor-Alon colours
white-green colours and only “Alon” name.
I’ve done some changes, because today received the new version of map with Hebrew transliteration to English
instead of translation (for example: “mrkz hmwsygh” - Merkaz HaMusicah; “wlyb” instead of Olive)

For context:

Alex, could you please explain this further? What map / app are you using and where are the colors?

As far as I can tell, Dor Alon is supposed to be “green and white”, right?

Added missing Russian name tags to the wiki templates.

Quick question: Should “Mavo Shomron” fuel station be a brand on it’s own? Their website says they’re only the operator of a Sonol station (חברת מבוא שומרון המשווקת דלק איכותי ומעולה מחזיקה בבעלותה תחנת דלק בכפר יונה של חברת סונול ישראל.). I’ve never encountered them before and have no knowledge beyond what I just read.

Overall, great initiative @SwiftFast! Keep it going!

You are probably right. According to Overpass API**, Israel has 1 POI holding that brand name. Looking at its history, yrtimiD added brand=“mavo shomron” in 2012. Does anyone know what the logo of that POI says on the ground?

** Such searches are very convenient now! I just did a search for [“brand”=“Mavo Shomroon”], this was much trickier before, spanning multiple tags.