Automated edit proposal: replace built-up_area with maxspeed:source and zone:traffic

Around the city of Antwerp, there is a cluster of maxspeed:source=built-up_area. This is basically the only place in the world where this tag is used. I’d like to replace them with
maxspeed:source source:maxspeed=BE-VLG:urban (if maxspeed=50) and zone:traffic=BE-VLG:urban .
Any comments or suggestions?
(EDIT: corrected the suggested tag)


You can additionally change the key maxspeed:source into maxspeed:type (or source:maxspeed, but not maxspeed:source).

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what you will do with ones where maxspeed mismatches?

For urban roads with no sign showing the speed, according to (Belgian) law the default speed limit is 50, so maxspeed=50 and source:maxspeed=BE-VLG:urban. If a road has a lower or higher speed limit, it will be posted locally, and in that case we set a different value, e.g. source:maxspeed=sign when there is a red circle showing the speed, source:maxspeed=BE:zone30 for 30-kph zones within the city, source:maxspeed=BE:living_street for living streets.

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They would still get the zone:traffic tag, but not the source:maxspeed tag.

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Oops! I edited my initial comment