Auto-moderation for trunk roads?


First-time poster here.

A local road improvement project has recently finished, and I drove through (and logged it) today.
I uploaded the new road earlier (~7 hours ago), but though I can see the changeset, the tiles are unchanged.

Is there a system which puts changes to major roads in a moderation queue? Or some other reason why the tiles haven’t updated (usually it’s a few minutes at most)?

82778912 is the changeset, and here’s a link to the improvement scheme.



Hi - there’s no moderation queue, it’s just that the tile servers don’t update themselves immediately. The “standard” tile servers are supposed to update on the fly, but things are quite busy at the moment. Tile layers like the the cycle map and the transport map might take a week to update too.

If you zoom in and click the “map data” button you can see that what you added is there, and other maps that might update quicker also show it ( is one example).


Andy (from about 20 miles northwest of there).

I just took a look. It is indeed no more than the rendering process lagging behind.

I’d not tried the “map data” view before.
And indeed, it’s all fine now.