Auto-Logoff too fast

would it be possible to increase the timeout value for staying online in this forum?
I’d like to stay online for one or two hours, even if I do not refresh the page.


I’m not sure what you mean. Are you referring to the list of online users or do you have to login after being idle for more then e.g. 30 minutes?

Hi Lambertus, thanks for reply!

Yes, I referred to the logoff which is done automatically after a certain idle time. Could be 30 minutes, but it feels like 5, of course. :wink:

Weird, I can be idle all day (without closing my browser ofcourse) and still be logged on. I’m also automatically logged in when I open the forum in a new browser session. So I guess it’s caused by something on your side. Can you clear you internet cache (or specifically: remove any cookies for this website) and check if you have cookies enabled for this website?

Really weird. I clear the cookies every time I close the browser (Firefox). There are no cookies blocked. The forum sets 2 cookies and marks them valid until now+30min. Each time I click at a link in the forum, the validation time frames of these 2 cookies are updated. I.e., the forum cookies are automatically rendered invalid 30 minutes after my latest forum action…

Weird indeed.

There is only one 30 minutes configuration option and it is connected to this setting:
Visit timeout -Number of seconds a user must be idle before his/hers last visit data is updated (primarily affects new message indicators).

It should not cause you to logout after that time. I guess it’s not a cookie problem actually.

Are you visiting or

OK, then it’s me and not the fault of the forum’s configuration. I will try to find out, what’s going wrong… Maybe it’s ABP or Noscript.
I use

Thanks for your help and information!

I use ABP and NoScript and i have no problems. I keep logged in except when I delete cookies and close browser. If i don’t delete cookies and restart browser in 30min time window I’m logged in when I start browser again.