Auto fix for missing name:he

There are many places where there is a name tag in Hebrew but there is no name:he tag, that’s wrong in general and for the Hebrew map makes us show the English name as we try name:he and then name:en and only then name.

I’m currently running a script that patches that up so that tomorrow the Hebrew map will be better.

Great !!! Great !!! Great !!!

This will really improve the data of Israel a lot.
Keep doing what you are doing already :slight_smile:

Has somebody a idea how to create such a script and run it? I tried to contact Baruch but he is not answering :frowning:
I think that adding the name:he is very anoying and thats why a lot of people and mappers do not tag it. But this is very important for a multi language map.
If you would like to have the whole map visible in Hebrew you would have to use the name:he tag.

Lets assume that I can filter those streets with OSMFILTER.EXE and make sure all name tags are Hebrew.
How do I change them into OSM planet?

A simple rule like should do that job:

for (each line of the db file)
if (name != “” and name:he = “”)
name:he = name

A starting point would be xybot and the python api, but it requires careful work as you need to download the data, process it and upload it without harming interim changes. I made a few mistakes along the way when I first did it.

I don’t think I even have the old scripts I made so it will be needed to write it from scratch and it requires non-trivial work to do it right.

Hi Baruch,

would be of course great if you could try find it. Would be very helpful.