Attempting to Post a Waypoint as a Line

OpenStreetMap is amazing !!! But …
I logged in as myself.
then added a line named MyFirstLine
I save it .
I close this browser window.
I reopen the browser window and go to St . Louis then back to where I placed my Line.
But my line is not there ! What did I do wrong ?

Your edits were reverted because we ask you not to make test edits :

The OSM data is always live and used by millions of people. Adding spurious.lines or other data may interfere with these uses. It looks like one of your edits inadvertently affected a town node.

So do please continue to add to OSM, but no more test edits.

The test line is still there, only the first edit was reverted.

The reason why wasn’t shown on any map created from OSM data is that you haven’t told anyone what sort of feature it is. A little bit to the southeast you can see . That appears on the map with a label of “Twin Lakes Visitor Center”, with in icon of an “i” in a circle that means “visitor center”. It knows to mark it as a visitor visitor center because of the tags “tourism=information” and “information=office”. Those tags get created automatically by the editor when you add features to the map.

When you first clicked the edit button you’ll have been taken to the iD editor’s “walk through”. That explains a lot more about how OSM data works, and how we edit various things. You can get back to that from within the iD editor by clicking “help” (the question mark at the right), scrolling down and clicking “start the walkthrough”.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do though - the thread title is “posting a waypoint as a line” - what feature is it you are actually trying to add?