Assigning themes to Diary Entries: your views please?


OSM is growing and as more and more people come in the possibilities and activities are increasing. As the activities are multiplying and diversifying the diary entries are also diversify and classifying them into different themes will help various types of user learn about past experiences of their interest faster.

Classifying diary entry may be used as a filter in User diaries page of OSM. They may be broadly classified into the following themes:

Method: To signify a diary entry that describes new approach or tool or comparison of approaches/tools.

Analysis: To signify any analysis performed on OSM or related open source data.

Editing or mapping: For sharing with the community about a mapping activity status by a member or group.

Mobilization: Sharing experience of OSM community or a groups mobilization activity.

Informative: An entry about the community’s plans, discussions, elections, winners, etc.

Fun: Gaming or partying or funny experience sharing diary entry.

These are some of the themes I could think of for a diary entry. Look forward to your suggestions on this idea.

I also forward to making the required edits in the OSM website application code on github with some help as I am fresher to programming.