ARNav - OpenStreetMap in Augmented Reality

Hello Russian OSM community! :slight_smile:

First of all, excuse me writing this post in english - I do not speak or write russian but despite that I hope that many of you will understand this post.

I have a great pleasure to announce that project ARNav ( has entered its beta testing phase so I invite everyone of you to test it and subscribe at to get access to this app.

I initially tested this app in western countries and your feedback would be greatly appreciated how does it behave with cyrylic alphabet names.

To quickly introduce what is ARNav - its an app for Android mobile devices intended to use by pedestrians and tourist. It uses Augmented Reality technology and OpenStreetMap data to show you nearest Points of Interest, as easily and as intuitive as possible.

As the next milestone we want to develop turn-by-turn navigation (thanks to CloudMade services) in AR mode.

In further future, we want our AR engine (that now mainly downloads data) to become ‘uploader’, new kind of OSM data editor that will allow edits in AR mode. We want sourcecode of this editor to be released on opensource licence.

Moreover, ARNav recently got to the semifinals of prestigious LeWeb startup competition!
So if you want to support our team ( and THE ONLY solution at LeWeb that uses OSM data! )
I will greatly appreciate voting on us! :

Best regards

Adam Mencwal
OpenStreetMap Poland Foundation board member
CEO of

Where arnav takes elevation data?
Do I need to Arna permanent connection to the Internet?

Hello again Russian OSM Community!

Let me update this thread:
It is a great pleasure to announce that ARnav is now available to the public through the Android Market!!

To quickly remind you what is ARnav - its an app for Android mobile devices that shows OpenStreetMap Points of Interest around you in Augmented Reality mode.

We’re still working hard to achieve our next milestones, so stay tuned: we want to release turn-by-turn navigation and OSM editor, both using Augmented Reality.

Thanks for your current support , and please share that news with your friends, let they explore the area around them with ARnav and Augmented Reality!

Best regards

Adam Mencwal
OpenStreetMap Poland Foundation board member
CEO of

Я не совсем уверен, но думаю кто знает иностранный на котором пишут, вполне могут сделать краткий перевод(в таких темах), или хотя бы о чём суть сообщения. Думаю, что подобные вещи могут сгладить языковой барьер.