Arena da Amazônia

Please improve the mapping of the Arena da Amazônia (map).
It looks intresting ;), but the current mapping/tagging implies holes in the roof!..


We are already aware of this, thanks!

Indeed, we found about it just a few days ago. We have an upcoming mapathon where this will probably be replaced with an appropriate map.

The stadium roof and soccer pitch It’s a nice example of how (not to) mapping for the renderer. :smiley:
I just corrected the pitch, and moved the stadium tags from a point to the outer polygon.

It would be nice to have all entrances mapped and labeled…

Do you want to join us in our mapathon? You’re surely welcome! :smiley:

That sounds intresting.
If I can assist you from Germany, I do it gladly.
Where is the mapathon coordinated?

Best Regards

That’s great!

It is my first time participating on a mapathon here in Brazil, so others may advise you better than me. The current plans (and they may still take shape as we get closer to the date - which is just 11 days from now):

  • it’s being advertised on the wiki (I can translate that into English if you think it is necessary/interesting for other foreigners)
  • we’ll be chatting over IRC as we run the mapathon
  • we might also use MapCraft to split the work

There are several topics we’ll focus on while doing the mapping:

  • improve the map in and around World Cup stadiums
  • map touristic points of interest, such as hotels, restaurants, etc. (still related to the World Cup), hopefully also link back to mapped tourists points of interest from WikiVoyage/WikiTravel (I still need to work on that, it’s quite easy with a template that already exists)
  • map house numbers around those regions (this is still a fundamental problem in Brazil’s map, doing this this will give it more visibility to future mappers)

Is there any special up to date aerial imagery? - The bing imagery is a bit to old.

Indeed Bing’s imagery is not only old but totally unusable around Manaus’ stadium.

If you’re using JOSM, you can enable the MapBox Satellite imagery layer. It is far worse from the quality you’d expect in Germany, but it’s better than nothing, and unfortunately the best we have.

Moreover, if you’re really concerned about recent changes, you can peek at Google’s images, as long as you don’t trace over it nor copy street/POI names. But this is usually not necessary.

A few other sources of non-tracing information: (unfortunately all only in Portuguese)