areas for keeping shabat

How should I mark areas where its forbidden to drive through on Shabat?

I don’t think its needed to add some kind of parameter for every street. Just to much of work.
I think its a lot more intelligent to mark it with a poligon and say this whole area is marked as Jewish area.

You could use the access tag.
See here.
Maybe something like motor_vehicle=Su-Fr ?

Maybe somehow using the day_on and day_off Time restrictions?

I’m not sure it would be good enough, as you’d want to help the routing applications to avoid these area,
so I guess it should be on the ways themselves.

As a related issue, I guess your next question is how would one mark the Tchum Shabat? :wink:


I don’t think a polygon will help you, you really should be placing the access restriction on the road.

The real place to ask this is with the guys who make routing applications, there is a mailing list for them though I’m too lazy to dig its location, it’s one of the osm mailing lists.

You can imagine the access of every way leading to the shabbat area have a gate (if I remeber correctly, they are…). You have to add
barrier=gate and day_of/day_off

you will have all the shabbat area sorrounded by gates…

I don’t think that the tags you send will really help.

The rules are not so easy to define as its starting friday evening and ending saturday evening.
And what about the jewish holidays? I think its not as easy as it sounds.

And of course I will not tag streets with tags without knowing that all jewish quarters are marked the same way.