Areal photography in Potlatch

Sorry newbie question. I am doing a bit of mapping in Braintree (uk) and I canÂ’t seem to get the yahoo aerial photography to work in potlatch. I have tried using the set options button but it still does not come up. I have checked nearer London and it works fine in that location. Does this mean that there is no area photography in the area or is there something else I can do to get it to work?

I have just noticed that if I zoom all the way out it comes up. But as soon as I zoom in it disappears. Any ideas how I can stop it disappearing when I zoom in?


Without knowing your area I guess that it is outside high resolution image coverage. Landsat imagery covers the whole planet, but in Potlatch it is only visible in two far-out zoom levels. All you can do is to hope that Yahoo acquires more high resolution images.

Thanks your right. I checked out the yahoo site and the aerial photography will only zoom in a little before saying that the image is not available. Fingers crossed for more detailed images. looks like its just me and the GPS, :slight_smile: Thanks.