Are You Owning These Best Cross Line Laser Level?

Are You Owning These Best Cross Line Laser Level?

The cross laser level projects an extremely vertical, horizontal, or horizontal line onto any flat surface with an accuracy of about a quarter of an inch at 30 feet.

Cross lasers have been developed for various purposes, including tile work, wall work, the perfect hanging of several large paintings, and general contractor and repair work.

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1. The DeWalt Cross Line Laser

The DeWalt DW088LG series laser has some unique features that other cross lasers do not offer users. This is the green laser beam technology that is about four times brighter than the most conventional red laser available.

They also enjoy the function that the laser stops working correctly with the flashing light when the dough is weak. Another useful feature that many users have commented on is the over-molded shell that protects them from water and dirt.

**2. The Hammerhead HLCL01 Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser **

Hammerhead HLCL01 is one of our top picks. It has three different laser modes, including the cross, vertical, and level. It also has a self-balancing function and includes an adjustable clip. Users’ consensus is that it is a high quality, user-friendly, and affordable option that provides for well-made accessories and batteries, a real rarity.

This is probably the best value of all - because DeWalt is many times more expensive and is highly valued by our users.

Hammerhead HLCL01 is a very compact, multi-level, simple design with features that many users think are great for ease of use. An essential element that many users are interested in is the accuracy coefficient of +/- ¼ inch at 30 feet. Even better, this diagonal laser compensates itself if it is only within four degrees.

Most users like the idea that there is a separately adjustable clip when their hands can be busy with other things. Users also commented on how much they love the beautiful and lightweight design, making it extremely easy to use. This diagonal laser also has only two controls for easy use, with the top button toggling between the cross, horizontal and vertical lines of the work objects.

Other controls serve to balance and stability. Many customers appreciate the durability of this compact self-balancing laser. Some users admit to giving it up on different occasions without sacrificing performance. There seems to be a problem that bothers some users and is that the cross laser cannot adjust the height.


-Works pretty well from a distance

-Extremely robust mounting clip

-Terminals have four different articulation points

-The level itself is extremely durable


-Attach a somewhat difficult to open the clip

-Do not adjust to change the height

-Slight eyesight if not careful.

3. The Hammerhead HLCL360 Self-Leveling 360 Degree Cross Line Laser

This Hammerhead cross laser level has many cool features that users like about this tool, emitting a bright laser line horizontally and vertically by 360 degrees. Diagonal lines are also created on different surfaces. This diagonal plane allows users to provide a laser line that offers a laser up to 60 feet.

Another thing users like is that the Hammerhead cross laser feeds itself when positioned within a four-degree range. Another practical feature of this diagonal self-leveling laser is that it has an LED indicator that glows red when the diagonal level is set outside its self-leveling range.

An exciting feature that many users love is that in manual mode, the Hammerhead diagonal level can be set, so that non-flat or flush laser lines are projected for possible projects. This type of sugar is required.

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-Good price

-Durable and robust

-Easy to use

-60 feet coverage diameter

-Exactly within 1/8-inch within 30 feet


-Doesn’t work well outdoors during the day

-Display vertical and horizontal lines at the same time

4. The Makita SK104Z Self-Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Cross-Line Laser

The cross laser level of the Makita SK104Z series has some features that users are satisfied with. This is the fast self-balancing time that can be achieved in just three seconds and helps to increase user productivity.

This cross laser’s self-balancing function can be set on up to 4 slopes to enable better operation on uneven surfaces. Users also like this diagonal laser’s accuracy at +/- 1/8 inch at 30 feet for horizontal lines and +/- 3/32 inches at 30 feet for vertical lines.

Some people who use this cross laser find that changing the mode from vertical to horizontal can sometimes be painful and sometimes quite uncomfortable. Some users also felt that it wasn’t working and trying to find a ceiling-to-ceiling position like some other cross lasers on the market.


-Fast self-leveling time in three seconds

-The self-leveling can correct up to 4 gradients to enable proper operation on uneven surfaces



-Works best in ambient light

-Frustration change from vertical to horizontal

-Not suitable for positioning points from floor to ceiling

5. The Hammerhead HLCL02 Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

This hammerhead diagonal laser level is a level that users prefer because of its compact size and the comfort of its tripods, a feature that many other types of cross lasers do not have. Another feature that users have shown that they like comfort is that it has its leather case to be worn on the user belt or tucked into the use case.

This cross laser also has a nice warning feature that users enjoy and that the power switch turns red when the user does not have a diagonal laser on a flat and even surface. However, some Hammerhead cross laser users believe that the tripod on the device is unsafe and of poor quality. Some users find that this low-cost line cross laser is best for homeowners and amateurs.




-There are both fixed and self-leveling modes

-Both vertical and horizontal lines are perpendicular to each other

-Very bright laser light


-Weak legs on tripods

-There was a problem with the mechanical pendulum on some devices

-The ability to adjust horizontal lines is limited

-The power switch at the top makes it easier to switch it on in the carrying case accidentally

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Buying guide

If you want to buy a cross laser, you may be a carpenter or contractor who needs a quality device to project clear articulation lines that allow you to perform different types of leveling and layout tasks.

Some users like the barrel pendulum that comes with their cross laser. Sometimes the case is a little larger than desired, but space is added, the DeWalt diagonal laser, with which you can store additional batteries and chargers and lasers.

Many users who have skipped buying one of these devices so far report that they cannot believe that carpentry and house building are much easier.

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