Are there new satellite images for Google-Maps in Bangkok?

I just saw that Google-Maps seems to use new data for their satellite view. At least here in in Prawet (district of Bangkok) the data seems to be much more up to date now. Not older than 2 years.

Does someone know more about it? Or am i dreaming?

Google Earth shows information about imagery dates. Hover the cursor over the picture.

I don’t have a reference date, so can’t tell whether there was an update.


I am sorry to note that Google maps are not using updated images. They are still using old ones. I am from Australia and two years back I had taken a print out of my farm with the help of Google maps. Last month I took another print out and to my astonishment I found that both the images are exactly the same.

we are not allowed to trace from Google. So no big issue.

We are allowed to use the images from Bing. But they might use the same data source. Aerial images two years old are still considered new. There had been some nearly ten years old before…