Are there arieal images for Ukraine?


now with bing it thems there are some little bit better arial images for Ukraine. But the ae not very good for maping buildings. Are there some better images especially for Sumi and oblast.

None I know of that can be used for OSM :frowning:
you can use it in JOSM as WMS layer
this layer is better than bing layer for Sumy, but is not good enough to map buildings

Thank you for the informations. I’m not able to use as wms layer in Josm. I only get red errors. Wich layer should I choose?

The address given by dudka is TMS layer. At you can find both TMS and WMS links. You can also use special “scenex:irs” address in JOSM.

upd: scanex:irs

So now I have tested again. But the wms din’t work. Mabe because there is a special projection needed. Did you use a plugin for that?

We’ve integrated this projection to the JOSM core. The address “scanex:IRS” works for me.

Thanks again.
This seems to work for me now.
So I can try to map some more details.