Are gmapsupp.img created with mkgmap or sendmap routable?

I’ve tried several ways to create a map to be used in my Nüvi 205w but I just failed over an over again
I always got the message
“No detailed maps found that support routing. The Nüvi cannot be used without them”

What I did
I downloaded a portion of the map form JOSM in .osm format

Method A
I convert the .osm file using mkgmap into gmapsupp.img using → java -jar mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp map.osm
Copied it to the internal memory of the Garmin and got the message above

Method B
Convert the .osm file using → java -jar mkgmap.jar map.osm
Got an image file called 63240001.img
Convert the 63240001.img into a gmapsupp.img using → java -jar mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp 63240001.img
Copied it to the internal memory of the Garmin and got the message above

Method C/D/E
Using sendmap20.exe either to upload or create the gmapsupp.img
I always failed

(I’m frustrated, ha ha ha ha)
Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong or better what should I do to get a routable map

You certainly need to use the --route option of mkgmap to have any hope of a routable map. Its not documented on the main wiki page but there are notes here

Its worth downloading a pre-built map with routing in just to test that the process of getting the maps on your Nuvi works OK. (See, I think Ecuador Tour and MTB map do routable files)

Using GroundTruth as a wrapper for the process may also may make life a bit simpler.



Many thanks budy, it did work just adding the --route option. I got a map which I can download on the nüvi, I will try it out tomorrow on the way to work

I will see to download one of the web page, I didn’t got access using a PC with IE6 will try it on other machine under IE7

Thanks agian SK53