Are camp sites listed on Hipcamp within scope for OSM?

I recently found this campsite - Big Valley - Hipcamp in Poulsbo, Washington , mapped in OSM here. Since it is just a single campsite, it doesn’t really fit the definition of tourism=camp_site. Thoughts?

The website states:

Come with your RV (Recreational Vehicle) and camp on my property. … Water and electricity are available (but no sewage).

So it would make sense to map it as:

Caravans/tents likely are not “allowed” as there is no sanitair.

caravan=no does not align with what currently is mapped, so better double check what is appropriate.

One could argue caravan_site does not cover RV’s but the wiki says:

A caravan site, caravan park, motorhome stopover location or RV park is a place where people with caravans / motorhomes / recreational vehicles can stay overnight, or longer, in allotted spaces known as “pitches” or “sites”.

Not necessarily as quite a few camp sites allow any form of camping despite not having facilities.

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I think maybe the distinction might have been lost but Hipcamp is a site similar to Airbnb. I don’t see an explicit rule about adding Airbnb listings, but since Hipcamp allows people to rent out space on their private property its not clear if the person living there is OK with the listing also being on a public map.

I’m not certain about that either, Mark.

I’ve just checked one Hipcamp site that I know of near here (Australia) & it’s not listed on WikiCamps, so they possibly don’t want to be listed publicly?

Thinking about it, that would make sense, because if they were, then sooner or later they’d have somebody just pull up at the front gate wanting to camp, without having booked or paid.

So I would say no, don’t map them, unless the owner has specifically requested that they be added.

Based on the changeset I would say the mapper did not map it based on Hipcamp but on his own observations. Based on this, unless there are explicit asks, I do not see why to remove it from OSM.

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Whether is hipcamp, KOA, or USFS, if it’s a camp_site it should be OK for OSM.

I understand what you’re saying, Brad, but not sure I agree here?

Hipcamp, at least, are private camp-sites, only available by pre-booking, & able to be closed by the owner, at any time, for any period, so I’m not sure they should be marked?

To my mind, it would be a bit similar to you renting out your spare room for an International Student, so your house then gets tagged as a boarding house!

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