Are all the mountain bothies in osm?

Anyone know if all the mountain bothies ( in Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland are already on osm?

The answer to “are all the X in OSM” is almost always “no” because there are almost always some that haven’t been surveyed; or whose status has changed since they last were, whatever the “X” is :slight_smile:

If you’re proposing to import anything into OSM from a third-party source you’ll want to read and follow . Unfortunately, “lists of things found on the Internet” are often encumbered by licence problems because of whatever was used to obtain the location for the list, though in this case I suspect that that might be less of an issue.

You can check it

I’m not sure that alpine_hut is really correct for mountain bothies: most places so tagged in UK are huts belonging to the senior climbing clubs which although not open to non-members definitely belong to the tradition of alpine huts.

The one up the strath from Sandwood Bay is mapped with tourism=wilderness_hut, so a revised overpass query is which gives 110 altogether, 79 shown as run by the MBA (see i’d presume this is a decent proportion of the total.