Arcmap 10.5 - problem with adding 2nd page layout

Hello I have a problem with arcmap.
I have made 4 small maps and I would like to print them 2 on each paper(Format A4). Unfortunatelly I couldnt find an option to add 2nd page to my layout view :(. Is there a way to do such thing?

I am assuming that you are asking about this product:

I noted while searching for the product, to understand what it is, that for that version little technical support is available from ESRI.

This might be an appropriate website in which to ask your question:

This website is for the data that you may have used to make your maps.

Having said all that, I suggest you review the documentation at:

If necessary, you could export your maps individually and then combine the maps outside of ArcMAP.

For example, export the maps as JPEG files and use LibreOffice Writer to combine the maps. Many other methods are possible.

Yes, you can.

ArcMap organizes data in so called “Data Frames”. By default, you start out having only one Data Frame in a single ArcMap project. I therefor assume you have made multiple ArcMap documents for your 4 maps.

As you discovered, you can not combine 4 ArcMap “map documents” on a single layout, and ArcMap only supports a single layour per “map document”. However, you can combine multiple Data Frames in one ArcMap project and have multiple Data Frames on a single layout.

To do this, instead of creating a new ArcMap project for each “map” you intend to make, insert a new “Data Frame” instead from the Insert/Data Frame menu option. This will create a new Data Frame in the Table Of Contents (TOC) on the left side that shows all your data layers.

To switch between different Data Frames to change the contents / layers used, you need to “activate” a specific Data Frame: right-click the Data Frame, and choose “Activate” to make the selected Data Frame active.

Note that there can be only one Data Frame active at a time! If you are in “Data View” mode for the window on the right, the window and its content in terms of visible data layers will switch to showing the data of the currently active Data Frame. To switch back to the original data frame’s content, simply choose “Activate” again from the right-click menu.

Now you probably already created multiple ArcMap documents with different contents in terms of layers or extent. To not have to re-do all your work, you can copy the layers from one map document to one of the newly inserted Data Frames. This saves you the time of having to rebuild everything and add all of your data layers with symbology and labelling etc.