Archiving of - 1st March 2024

Um … How is an account that’s only 7 hours old asking a question? Aren’t sign-ups disabled now?


Signups are soft disabled - the signup page still exists but is not linked.

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Actually, (I’ve just done it to close a “new” help question) if you try and ask a new question it still guides you through to the login page. Not sure if signup still works though; I suspect not any more**.

Anyone ignoring the " NOTICE: is being shutdown on 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum" message is at least slightly culpable if their question goes unanswered.

** Edit: I was wrong - appears to be a new signup.

Login has now been disabled. Login sessions have been cleared. Answers/Responses can no longer be posted.

The site content is now effectively static.


I think it would be helpful to add the link to the frozen help page back to the main “Getting Help” page, as I’ve found it a useful archive of previously asked questions, and I’m sure new users would too.