[Approved] Feature Proposal - Deprecate cycleway=opposite family – restructuring Key:cycleway wiki page

Voting has started for the proposal on deprecating the cycleway=opposite tagging family. See the proposal page for more details, rationale and to place your vote: Proposal:Deprecate cycleway=opposite family - OpenStreetMap Wiki


Has my vote, all tagging using cycleway:left/right/both=lane/separate renders fine on the cycleway oriented maps. Not yet used but cycleway:left/right:oneway=yes/no are shown as used in TagInfo. Have used cycleway:*:lit=yes as many here are explicitly lit with an extra light lower on the streetlamp pole pointing at cycleway/sidewalk/both.
raised i’ve not used as separate implies there is a kerb or green strip to splir these ways.

It’s been almost a week since the voting was supposed to end. Did something happen in the meantime?

I’m very busy currently in real life and had no time to end the vote/start the clean up process. But I’ll start with that the next days.

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Now I am finally happy to announce, that the deprecation of the cycleway=opposite tagging family has been approved with a clear and unanimous result of 67 votes in favor.

I have started to clean up the cycleway page and would like to use this opportunity to restructure it. Here is the current draft (see the current page for comparison), in which I have tried to retain all the existing information and to include more current discourses. The differences are mainly as follows:

  • New, clean presentation of all values in a classic value table,
  • Addition of a section on deprecated or discouraged tags, where the opposite tags, but also cycleway=shared appear, that was discouraged already before,
  • Addition of a section on the use of side attributes at the beginning (to encourage using side attributes when tagging cycleways) and merging all information about using side attributes there,
  • Merging all information about tagging cycleway in one-way roads in a chapter about that,
  • Addition to the tagging of protected bike lanes.

Feel free to comment, discuss or participate!


Good rewrite!

I would add a few lines or 1/2 rows in the table on cyclestreet=yes / bicycle_road=yes.

Not in the original article but I can imagine somebody coming to this page to find the tag to use for a cyclestreet/bicycle_road and as such it would be good to have pointers to them on this page. Can off-coarse also be done after the clean-up.

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Thoughts on busway=opposite_lane (1,836 uses)? It’s the same idea isn’t it - so should that be considered deprecated as well?

I never really liked the idea of busway=* in general (though it admittingly predates *:lanes) but busway=opposite_lane makes the least amount of sense now that the cycleway equivalent has been deprecated and I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t considered in the proposal either.

Unfortunately, I already started the clean up when realizing that opposite also exists on busway. In my opinion, it’s even more without sense there… However, the whole busway topic is totally messed up with three alternative variants. I also think busway is completely superfluous, as it’s just a question of access for motorized vehicles and lanes:psv/bus is therefore sufficient. But that’s another topic and requires other discussions/proposals.

Was fixing these where the bicycle also shares lane with bus in opposite direction, then see busway=opposite_lane (1836 global entries) when there is also oneway:bus=no. Osmose doing the 2 hands on back exploding head technique on me again writes “The tag cycleway=opposite_lane is deprecated in favour of oneway:bicycle=no + cycleway=lane”. Well no, cycleway=shared_busway on that oneway road in the opposite direction and in the right oneway a 75 cm lane (challenge to stay within, cars drivers could not care less they’re holding on your ‘lane’ or park on it, sometimes with the emergency blinker lights on as if that were true right in front of the coffee bar. /o\ ) Probably I’m in need of oneway:bicycle:backward=shared_busway, but having zero presence in TagInfo that I can see.

For describing the infrastructure, you don’t need forward/backward, just cycleway:right=lane + cycleway:left=share_busway + cycleway:left:oneway=-1 (if this is what you are meaning - like case “B6” from the Bicycle page, but with a lane on the right?)

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That worked, thx

(While there dumped the full sweet of turn lanes and restriction on a large junction, lanes and attributes paint style invaluable to visualize where what was going.)