appropriate tag for commercial dairy

I am having some difficulty selecting a tag to designate a commercial dairy.

For clarification, these are large operations that have anywhere from several hundred to thousands of cows. They primarily generate raw milk (to be trucked and processed elsewhere) and handle animal husbandry related to herd management. They also, in some situations, have pastures for grazing and irrigated areas for growing feed. Some of these cover hundreds to over a thousand acres.

One tag that is appropriate for some specific buildings is building=cowshed. I’m good with that, as far as it goes, but that could be used on any farm that has a number of cows, and does not represent an agricultural operation that is primarily producing raw milk.

The only tag even remotely related is shop=dairy, but that belongs to a retail outlet for processed products.


man_made=factory; produce=dairy ?

If you don’t find anything appropriate, make something up, although it’s possible that there’s some subtag of farm or farmyard that might work. Taginfo finds “crop=dairy” in; would that help?


Thanks, I’m good with that. I have done the first dairy, with interesting results. The dairy is bisected by a paved county road. So I drew two polygons, one for each side of the road. So far, so good. Looking at the county property appraiser’s public data, I can see which parcels are owned by the dairy, and the surrounding ones that are owned by others. But looking at the Bing overheads, I can see where the cows funnel down to a gate, and cross from one of the dairy’s pastures to one owned by an adjacent owner. That suggests the dairy is leasing pasture from an adjacent owner. For now, I’m not going to include that parcel in the polygon, but I will keep that in the back of my mind (in case I ever change my PoV on this).

It doesn’t look like there has been much detailed tagging of farmland, however, the little research I did today suggests that crop= is definitely wrong. My best suggestion would be farmland=dairy or farmyard=dairy, depending on which you think best fits, in addition to the corresponding landuse tag.

Although much farming is factory farming, I don’t think that treating it as a factory would be appropriate.

I’m now using farmyard=dairy!