Application displaying a map from local files - what library to use?

Hello all,
I tried to find an answer myself by reading wiki but am completely confused. So I’m asking for help.
I want to create a simple application with a map on it. Ok, OSM has map data, and there’s plenty of visualizing libraries. But as long as I understand, they all deal with internet servers which render map images. At least I haven’t found an option to load map file in the libs I tested (COSMCtrl and QMapControl). But I want to have a standalone app not requiring internet connection. What libraries/tools I may use for this purpose?
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to OSM Timo :slight_smile:

A full list of Map widgets is here:
And yes most of support OSM Tile providers only, but I remember that there was one or two, that allow a redirect to a local file store. I’m not sure if tiles are enough for you? Oh and please respect our license, if you deploy your App with a offline map package
And of course we haven’t infinite traffic if you point to the official servers

Thanks for answer, !i!.

Tiles are image pieces of the map? It’s quite enough, though I thought of fully vector-to-screen engine like in navigation software.

I’m not sure it will even reach deployment status :slight_smile: what’s the main point of the license - keep the credits?

Anyway, I’m still unsure what library/widget is capable to do what I need.


What is your target platform?

If Android is among them, have a look at

There are also other solutions for other OS …

stephan75, I need a desktop app for Windows.

This seems to be close to what you plan to do

You can also make a quick trial by downloading Spatialite tools
and creating a Spatialite database with the included spatialite_osm_map tool. The tool is not configurable so it will always create the default set of layers with very little attributes. When the database is ready you can read and render it with QGis. Like always, it will be a lot of work to configure nice rendering for QGis but it seems to be possible (not rendered from the data imported with spatialite_osm_map).

JRA, wow, the 1st link is even more than I need! I will try to launch it on Windows (not sure it would work though). Thanks!