App using OSM tile server

According to my understanding, heavy use of tile server, for example use it in an app and distribute the app, is forbidden. However it seems like have been doing so for quite a while already. Did they obtained permission from OSM Foundation already? If not, is this a form of abuse?
Also, according to information on the webpage, this website appears to be an official service provider to the Moscow government. Would it be against relevant sanctions in OSM Foundation’s jurisdiction to indirectly serve map tiles from the foundation’s tile server directly to local governments in Russia?

As far as I know, does not have any special permission from the OSMF to use our tile servers beyond the normal policy.

I’m not aware of sanctions that would require us to restrict Russian access to public internet content. But yes, it looks like they may be in violation of our tile usage policy and, given the lack of visible attribution on the website outside of full screen view, possibly in violation of ODbL attribution requirements as well.

I doubt that is even using OSM. Screenshots look more like Google maps.

It is certainly using OpenStreetMap, for some locations at least, e.g.

Thanks! I was only taking a look at their iOS App screenshots, which were based on Google maps. For some reason, the app is not (no longer?) available in the App Store.

Agree, their website clearly shows some OSM tiles.

Mr Wikiroutes says “THE quality of OSM services is bad and community is disjointed” so I’d be amused if he’s using OSM tiles :slight_smile:

It seems like OSMF server can cut off access from websites that violated tile use policy, where or how can I recommend OSMF take corresponding actions?
And this Hong Kong government site also appears to have similar problem.