App to read this forum

When I use my smartphone I can read this forum using the webbrowser but this is not very handy. Everythin is too small and there is no overview. What is the best way to read this forum using a relatively small Android phone? Or is there a special app to handle forums likes this one?

Since Google Reader has been discontinued, I use the feedly app:
Disadvantage is that you manually have to type in the url for every forum, like unless the forum can be found with the search button. Copy /paste did not work on my tablet.

Thanks. Will give it a try.

Cheers PeeWee

Never really bothered to look at this forum until I was cutting and pasting URLs into my Android RSS reader for other forums on this site and decided to do it for the Android forum too. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve been using the Sparse RSS fead reader on my phone. Not perfect and with the number of feeds I subscribe to it can be a bit slow at updating its internal database. But the price is right and, end the end, it does the job.

Entering multiple feeds from this site was pretty easy as I just copied the first one I entered then pasted the URL into the other. Quick edit of the feed ID number and your done.