app that speaks POIs?

Is there an app specialized in maintaining POIs? For example, I walk through the streets and the app speaks the POIs that are already in OSM. This way you don’t always have to look at the display and it’s easy to update larger areas where most POIs are already there and only a few need to be updated/added/deleted.

Why not just using fieldpapers?

I can’t image Field Papers would work well when riding by bike. Also, you have to prepare it (print it), so you can’t use it spontaneously.

Somehow I don’t see the use case (announcing all nearby POIs would be an easy add on to vespucci), but in most well mapped areas with lots of POIs you are going to end up with gibberish particularly on a bicycle and if it’s not so well mapped you will likely be stopping and adding the POI in any case.

Keep i mind that app with gps are not so good as we wanted. In area’s with building, trees, going under bridge you lost offen gps.
Adding POI who are closed to getter, will have same gps info, difficult at home to get them right where they must be. has a feature to announce POIs along a calculated route as soon as you pass them.

Try that app if you want and tell about succes or not here.

I’ve tried OsmAnd, but even though I activated the feature to announce POIs, all I got was navigation hints. Maybe they have a more strict definition of POIs than it would be needed for the mapping use case.