App or website for sorting a GPX file by date/time

I have a GPX file that somehow has the date/times out of order. Probably created by a “merge.” I once tried a couple of programs that claimed to “merge” GPX files when really they just appended one to another.

Where can I find a program in a web app or for MacOS that will re-order the trackpoints by time in a GPX file?

A web search found two that apparently have been deleted or relocated and one that had confusing documentation (apparently uncorrected errors).

GPS Babel might be able to do that.

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What about ?

The page is written in German, but declared as English, which makes included translation widget useless.

I tried this manually edited URL to get that website in English:
RouteConverter - Home

And the software itself has includes 22 languages?
see RouteConverter - Translated in 22 languages

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only if it’s stupid, because it should be very doable for a translation system to recognize the language used.

Well, I’ve tried translating and the tool was clearly trying to translate German text from English.
But the link provided by @stephan75 works perfectly. This should be the default :slight_smile:

I’m using for fiddling with GPX tracks, maybe it can also re-order trackpoints.

The method I ended up using is the “convert” at
Convert to plaintext, sort -u, move the header back to the top, then use the same converter to put it back in GPX format.