App Fast Draw

I can warmest suggest you the use of JOSM App Fast Draw, especially for drawing in mountains…

I used last days this app for drawing forest areas in Ilam.
Please take a look:

It´s really very, very fast in use. Especially drawing of forest and streams goes significantly faster.

Dear friends,
during shortest time I´m mapper nr 1 in Nepal according to the numbers of mapped nodes.
More than this: I have alone comparing number of mapped nodes probably more than 10 most active mapper in Nepal together.

Why - I don´t have more time than you all, definitely not with my job?

Because I use the plugIns Fast Draw and Contour Merge.
During shortest time is an good edit with 1000 - 3000 points possible.

Sometimes I use Potlatch2 because the upload of data from JOSM is too slow for me and I have to wait. :slight_smile:

Should I make for you a kind of tutorial?
You can change Nepal, really!

The statistic: shows only the last two months of mapping. In total since 2015 is it our friend and great mapper HeinzV. Warmest thank you to him for his great job!

We, from western countries can do a lot making armchair mapping. And this helps a lot. But the most valuable work do you all from Nepal.
Giving names, collecting POI, making OSM more popular in nepali society is still more important than that, what we, from abroad, can do for you.