Anyone running Nginx reverse proxy to cache tiles?

Hey there. As in the subject, is anyone running Nginx reverse proxy to cache tiles? I encountered a similar problem to this one

I think it would be really beneficial if there would be easy to set up docker image with Nginx reverse proxy. It would help greatly with reducing the load on OSM tile servers.

Are you simply trying to reduce the load on the OSM servers? We have a CDN, very nicely sponsored by Fastly, which does this very well and is probably closer to your eyeballs.

Yeah, I was thinking about reducing the load on the OSM server. It’s really nice to hear that Fastly is sponsoring CDN for OSM.

Hi, im trying to do the same for GDPR compliance, the fact not sharing IP with 3rd party. Do u think this is even possible or required due to GDPR

(offtopic from the original question from 2021, but) if you don’t want to share any IPs with a third party, render your own tiles from OSM data and host everything else (e.g. javascript) that is required locally too.

That’s a very big “it depends” and you’ll get better answers elsewhere In the UK I’d read the ICO’s guidance.

Thank you for the quick reeponse. Yah it seems nobody knows what to do anymore when it comes to GDPR. That is the only concern i have. We have to invest so much on things that we dont even get a return anymore. I am only loading tiles from OpenStreet CDN.