Anyone know of any OSM-related mentorship programmes (past or present)?

Can anyone suggest mentorship programmes that focus on OpenStreetMap, open mapping, [open] geospatial communities, humanitarian data that they would recommend? The humanitarian open mapping community WG is looking for programmes to learn from as we are thinking about developing such an initiative…

Br great to hear from you if you have…


There has been a regular OSM presence in Google Summer of Code. But of course that’s mentorship for future OSM developers, not OSM mappers.

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Good flag, thanks Tobias! I’ll check it out…

What are you trying do? OSM historical has been a loose collective of volunteers, professionals who work for companies and governmental entities that use GIS data. The education process has been equally informal. In the last couple years have educationally minded members have come together to form a project called TeachOSM.

TeachOSM has become the OSM’s mapping educational arm. It’s primary focus is to attract new members by introducing students to GIS and other topics relating to OSM. Even though they are technically directed toward working with educators, they should be able provide some assistance as long as it relates to learning how to map.

Hi @IanH the humanitarian open mapping community working group is running a pilot mentorship programme to help community members up their knowledge and capacity and strengthen their networks. We were looking for other mentorship programmes in this space and ended up having an amazing chat with Women+ in Geospatial about their programme.