Any OSMers in Joensuu area that could contribute hiking relations?

Hello good Finnish OSM contributors,

I’m travelling to Joensuu on the 12th of March, where I’m going to meet other partners in the TG4NP project. I represent Western Norway Research Institute, and in our part of the project we are aiming to make an “app” presenting hiking routes based on the multiroutemap framework used on

I’d very much like to show my other partners at the meeting how portable such an approach is, by showing them some routes in Joensuu, and I am thus wondering if there are any users in Joensuu that could make hiking route relations for the Joensuu area? presents hiking route relations. You can see an example here, and an explanation about what is presented here. As a minimum you need to know the route and the name of the route, but an English description would be awesome as I then also could show the multi-lingual capabilities of the project. I expect most hiking destinations are snowed down now, so you’d probably either have to make the relation from existing ways, or contribute new ways from tracks already lying around or uploaded to OSM. Or perhaps there are routes in more urban areas that could be tracked now?

There is one other partner in the project considering to use OSM, and this could motivate them further to go that route :wink:

Looking forward to visit Joensuu!

–Guttorm Flatabø

I am not living near Joensuu, don’t know the hiking routes there, but since I am interested in hiking, I looked what internet can tell us (about hiking in Joensuu area).

Usually we can find recreation and hiking information from our cities and counties web pages, in this case (Joensuu) the page is From there you can find the information of cross-country ski routes ( and also link to hiking pages ( The latter has a simple map interface, where you get route information for that certain area. As an example, in the middle of the map, you can see area named “Koli”. Koli mountain is one of the Finland’s most famous sceneries. If you click on that, you’ll get to this page:, where you’ll see the routes near Koli mountain. Unfortunately everything is in Finnish (google translator may help you).

As an example of route: If you click on “Mäkrän polku”, you’ll get on page On the right hand side, you’ll see small map image and text “Kartta” (“map” in Finnish) under it. If you click on that, you’ll get to a page (, where the route is described in detail. The same area in OpenStreetMap ( shows that some of the paths of the route are digitized but not all.

Maybe this helps you, or someone else, in creating those route relations.

There is one route “near” Joensuu in Koli: . I did create that last summer when I made nano summer trip to Koli. You can add there english description: “Easy walk route in Koli. Route theme is “kaski” - area cleared and burnt-over for cultivation.”

There is at the moment so much snow that main route mapping is made at the moment for cross country skiing. I have made just few walking routes to OSM - the main reason for low motivation is that there is no local service which utilize walking routes in Finland.

Thanks! At least there is information to compare with existing tracks on OSM, but I doubt I’ll get time for that.

Thanks! I’ll make the most of it :slight_smile: I tagged it with network=lwn, added difficulty (according to the piste:difficulty grading), and norwegian descriptions. Do you know if there’s some informtation about the route on the internet so I can find a reference?

See (in Finnish, though).

Og en automatisk Google oversettelse. Fant en kart (fra 2005) over planerte finske nasjonale turstier. Det er opp till de lokale turforeningene å sette opp skilter. Fant i Siuro, Nokia skilter med den europeiske tursti E6.

Ja sama suomeksi. Vuodelta 2005 löytyy suunniteltu kartta valtakunnalliseksi vaellusreittiverkoksi. Nokialla Siurossa löytyy euroopan kävelyreitti E6:sen kilvitystä.

Yes, thanks, I added the link. Maybe I’ll use the discrepancy in naming (Kaskenkierros versus Kasken kierros) to demonstrate how easy it is to fix things in OSM (but maybe not, since relations really aren’t that easy to edit).

There is some information also in swedish and english here: and here:

Thank you very much to those who contributed! My presentation was well received, and I also visited Koli on my trip. Another result of the trip was that Waymarked Trails, where hiking routes are shown (@Caballista), is now available in Finnish. Translations are managed on Translatewiki.