Any Mapbox users? Notice anything odd?

I use MapBox GL/JS to drive our University’s map pages.
Gorgeous to look at, and customisable, and - until recently - up to date; changes made on OSM were visible in our base layer within 24 hours.

At around Christmas, it stopped. None of my changesets have been reflected on any version of any MapBox rendered map in more than a month.

I have asked several times on different channels - direct help (we are a paying customer), stackoverflow, twitter (getting desperate!). I have only received one formulaic, unsatisfactory response. I guess my next step will be a phone call, though my time zone doesn’t make that very convenient.

Any insiders here know what is going on?

Not an insider, but (which was added after Christmas) does appear on a a couple of Mapbox customers’ maps, suggesting it’s not a universal problem.

Hmm - yes, that one is interesting. Last edited 22 days ago, but I suspect it may have been added sooner than that, and just snuck in to the last sync. I can’t check the history right now - is returning a 500 error! My checks show that the last synched data was about Jan 4, or so.

In any case, I have finally got an answer after pestering @PlaneMad directly:

Kind of annoying that it was so hard to get an answer, but pleased to have one, all the same.