Any ideas for troubleshooting an embedded map that won't click?


I did not set this up, so I am a little shy on details, but will do my best to explain the issue.

An openstreetmap map is embedded on this page:

It used to work properly, but now the buttons won’t “click” and the map appears empty.

I have checked the files in the file server and they all still appear to be there (or at least I think they are)?

The site is a WordPress site using Beaver Builder theme if that helps.

Happy to provide any other details. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on what to check next.


It seems the site is, as it should, secured by HTTPS, yet tries to load the Leaflet assets from, which serves its files over HTTP, causing the browser to refuse loading the assets. You can see the error yourself in your browser’s console.

You could either contact the admins of the Leaflet page or just copy the assets to your own webserver and link Leaflet to those. Can’t help you with that, unfortunately.


Thank you! Really appreciate the help. I will give that a try.

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