Any ideas for a Solidarity City App?


With I startet a web application to find places where you can participate in city life without papers and / or money.

The most fruitflully database is of course OSM. At the moment the following tags are processed:

Camping and caravan site with no fees: ["tourism"~"caravan_site|camping_site"][fee=no]
Drinking water: [amenity=drinking_water]
Fitness stations: [leisure=fitness_station]
Librarys: [amenity=library]
Parks: [leisure=park]
Showers: [amenity=shower]
Toilets: [amenity=toilets]
WLAN Access Points: [amenity=shower]

I am thinking about the following other tags:
Food: [“social_facility”~“soup_kitchen|food_bank”]
Goods: [“amenity”=“public_bookcase”]
Goods: [“social_facility”=“clothing_bank”]

Any other ideas are welcome!

Please feel free to use the derived WMS services (daily) under the usual conditions (CC-BY-SA (C) OpenStreetMap-Contributors) :

The following other “Databases” are used:
Other ideas?

If you like to contribute please get in contact, there is an editor available to map places which do not fit into the other databases.

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Hello Martin

Thanks for this inspiring map. It makes me happy to see that others have a similar focus.

Maybe the Suspended Coffee Concept is interessing for you. You can find a source with many places at this website I don’t know if they have an open api.

An other project is for free sharing of household items. I also don’t know if they have an open api.

I created a map that shows free facility and offers based on OSM data:
Over the info button (i) you can find the OSM tags and the overpass query I use. Perhaps there is something that matches your focus.

Best regards,


Interesting concept. I’m quite irritated by the overlay when clicking a POI. Don’t make it fullscreen and make it a least a bit transparent, because now it punches you in your face.

Another thing i noted “Translated by google” - not a big fan of that, but i understand it might be easy to use. Why not translating it manually via strings and with contributions? Transifex or or something like that? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work!

Hi Markus,
Thanks a lot for the inspiring links, especially for your great priceless application. There are a lot of amazing project out there in the sense of a Solidarity City (predominant on a local level). I tried to do a link collection here and added your project:
Best regards,

Hi Negreheb,
„Don’t make it fullscreen and make it a least a bit transparent“
The webapplication is yet only optimized for mobiles, I will put this on the TODO list.
Manually translations are possible with the editor. If you like to contribute please send me a PM for an account. Translations are also possible for languages which are not supported by Google, e.g. Central Kurdish (Sorani) – ckb and Southern Kurdish (Pehlewani)- sdh.
Best regards,

This is very cool! But now I don’t know if I should use or, or which one to recommend to others. Shouldn’t you work together? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply. But I do not see any competition between the web applications, as the focus is quite different. I like & use priceless a lot, and it is definitely the better choice for viewing OSM data. The focus of the SolidaryCityMap is more on „events“, like medical care for free & all. But unfortunately there is not so much input from the communities at the moment.

Thanks a lot for your input! Now the following data is now integrated: - suspend or get o coffee (or whatever on the menu) - a sharing community
OSM Food:
• [amenity=baking_oven]
• [amenity=bbq]
• [amenity=food_sharing]
• [social_facility=food_bank]
• [social_facility=soup_kitchen]
• [social_facility=food_sharing]
OSM Goods:
• [amenity=bicycle_repair_station]
• [amenity=compressed_air]
• [amenity=give_box]
• [amenity=device_charging_station]
• [amenity=toy_library][fee=no]
• [amenity=public_bookcase]
• [amenity=charging_station][fee=no][parking:fee!=yes][authentication:none=yes]
• [amenity=piano][!shop]
• [musical_instrument=piano][!shop]
• [musical_instrument:piano=yes][!shop]
• [repair=assisted_self_service]
• [social_facility=clothing_bank]
• [shop=charity][payment:none=yes]
• [shop][charity=yes][payment:none=yes]
• [shop=second_hand][payment:none=yes]
• [shop][second_hand=yes][payment:none=yes]
• [shop=charity][fee=no]
• [shop][charity=yes][fee=no]
• [shop=second_hand][fee=no]
• [shop][second_hand=yes][fee=no]

Other ideas for datasets are welcome!


Recently there was some related discussions on the tagging mailing list